Creekmore Lodge #74
307 W. Lillie Blvd., Madill, OK. 73446
(580) 795-2313

Third Saturday Fund Raising Breakfast, August 18, 2018 7 - 10 am at the Lodge...


New Titles in Library (June 2017)

Is Freemasonry Relevant? (video)

2018 Dues Are Payable Now!!!

Perpetual Memberships

An alternative to annual dues is the purchase of a Perpetual Membership. PERPETUAL MEMBERSHIPS are a sound investment. A non-refundable one time payment of $825 eliminates the payment of annual dues for the rest of your life. The money is placed in a perpetual trust fund and the interest is used to support the Lodge and the Grand Lodge forever.

If a Secretary writes a letter, it's too long.
If he sends a postal, it's too short.
If he doesn't send a notice, he is lazy.
If he attends a committee meeting, he is butting in.
If he stays away, he is a shirker.
If he duns the members for dues, he is insulting.
If he fails to collect the dues, he is slipping.
If he asks for advice, he is incompetent.
If he does not, he is bull-headed.
If he writes his reports complete, they are too long.
If he condenses them, they are incomplete.
If he talks on a subject in Lodge, he is trying to run things.
If he remains quiet, he has lost interest in the meeting.
>.........Ashes to Ashes.............<
>.........Dust to Dust............<
>.........If others won't do it...........<

The Secretary must!!!!!

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